The announcement of the Master Class on Sales


Dear friends ! We are pleased to inform you that next Tuesday, February 18th at 20:00 will be a master class on sales by Sergey Ozerov. Master class organizes wonderful company MeetPartners.

Of course , two hours for learning how to sell is hard. But see the common errors, that often interfere achieve a positive outcome of the meeting , it is possible . What will be interesting this time?

Master class present in a new light classical stage sales. For each stage will be considered the brightest errors, that prevent complete the purchase and shows examples of proper technique. Will have the opportunity to practice wishing to sell a product or service. Traditional session answers. And, of course , networking , which will help your business to find new opportunities for growth.

The passage masterclass participants will learn to improve the percentage of successful completion of the transactions, the correct sequence of steps to follow sales, find out the cause of the objection, and gain confidence in meetings.

Details about the program of the master class on sales can be found by following the link below. You can also register for the program.

See you at the master class on sales of Sergei Ozerov!

Link to the detailed program and registration

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