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School of practical training

Practical Training School is a community of existing top managers of major Russian and international companies. We specialize in three main areas:

  1. Business training in areas such as sales , negotiation and marketing
  2. Management training for managers at different levels
  3. Training of personal growth , realizing the potential and motivation

The entire staff of the school are true professionals with no less than fifteen years of practical experience and leadership in his direction. A thorough knowledge of the business issues , the latest developments in the market and the use of the latest achievements helped to create copyrights training programs and methodical . Practical experience of trainers and content of programs causes – no less than 60% of the time is devoted to developing skills in the form of business cases. Most business cases are based on real-world examples and adapt to the needs and profile of the customer.

In this paper we take into account the individual characteristics of each participant, and use involvement in training and motivating elements of the result. We are always ready to answer any question and the most difficult to give examples from their own practice . The effect of our training is several times larger than the classical , and can achieve their goals in a short time.

In addition to the tasks adapted to high-end solutions , we offer posttreningovuyu support partners. This allows you to keep a high level of efficiency of the acquired knowledge and skills.

Feature of our school is special motivational seminars . A person can know everything , everything to be able to , but do not apply the knowledge and skills in everyday life. On special motivational sessions we disclose potential of the individual and remove internal constraints on the outstanding result . Most motivational seminars are one solution in conjunction with business training to develop the necessary skills for the success of the students.

Our experience:

Philip Morris; Unilever; Pepsico; Mars; Energizer; Heinz; Nokian Tyres; Citibank; VTB; Russian Standard Bank; Home Credit and Finance Bank.

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