Effective sales. How to increase the effectivness of meetings with partners: advanced techniques from “A” to “Z”


logoThe legendary program made by Practical Training School specifically to improve the efficiency of transactions of large international companies! You will not only learn really working sales techniques that will enhance your productivity, but also train them in practical games that reinforce the knowledge acquired.

Objectives of the program:

  1. Maximize the positive outcome of the meeting
  2. To structure an effective sales tactics
  3. Develop proper presentation skills
  4. Minimize objections
  5. Create a value proposition for the partner


Advantages of the program:
If you want to know how to raise the effectiveness of your sales, then this program is built to solve these problems. The main advantage of this training for you in its uniqueness in the market. On the background of programs recommending “what” to do , this program teaches “how to” actually do it. Together with you, the coach considers sales techniques known only from the practical side . At each stage of the sales versed errors which dramatically reduce the effectiveness and special techniques to maximize the success of the meetings . The theoretical part is divided into several modules for more rapid assimilation of the material and is supported by a huge amount of practical work with a trainer in the ” mode of the aquarium .” by virtue of the vast experience of the coach you will get answer on every question. The outcome of the program is a set of practical tools that will increase the efficiency of direct meetings and presentations.

This program will teach:

  1. To become a leader in process of sales according to a proven structure
  2. Use a special algorithm to identify the needs of the partner
  3. Finding an opportunity to create value of the offer
  4. To minimize objections and to work with them
  5. Increase the percentage of customers who agreed with the proposal
  6. Manage business relationships

Our approach to teaching:

More than 20 years the author of the program negotiates on behalf of major international companies. Knowledge gained over the years in these companies, coupled with the constant practice, have given us effective methods and tactics used successfully in the negotiations of the highest complexity. The best way to learn to negotiate – it is to practice a lot. The program is built on practical exercises . From the first minutes of the program , each participant is immersed in the negotiation process. The results of each of the case dealt with in terms of the obtained and the desired result . Author program gives feedback to enable participants to identify their strengths and tighten negotiator weaknesses. The author of the program gives feedback to enable participants to identify their strengths and get rid of the weaknesses. During the program we make out typical mistakes of negotiators and teach to notice and use your opponents mistakes. As a result, each participant has formed a set of effective approaches to the negotiation process, including working with complex and aggressive opponents.

The background of the coach:

sergey_ozerovSergey Ozerov. Expert Business Coach. Motivational speaker.
Founder and CEO of training company «Practical Training School». Professionally engaged in sales, negotiation and motivation to achieve extra results over 20 years. Career includes career from ordinary sales representative to top managers in multinational companies – leaders:

  1. Eight years in “Philip Morris”
  2. Two years in “Unilever”
  3. Four years in “Citibank”
  4. Three years in the “Home Credit”

Invited Speaker MSU MBA program.
Russia’s only direct student of Jack Canfield – number one success coach, whose name is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, the author of the bestselling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “Principles of Success”. Copyright unique practical course in advanced negotiations.
Russia’s only business coach and motivational speaker, able to conduct a three-day program on the audience of 600 people or more.
Regularly he is taught by the best gurus in America, Britain and France.

Topics of the program:

  1. Which sharks teeth should we sharpen?
  2. Recreating structure – steps to success
  3. As you sow, so shall you reap . Subtleties of the training
  4. Radio station “Client’s dreams” – tune in for the best
  5. Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step
  6. Biggest mistake and how to avoid it
  7. How to understand customer needs and their typology
  8. Where the Motherland Begins ? Kinds of questions and their formation
  9. Dangerous moments that should be avoided
  10. “And now humpbacked – I said ,” or how we sculpt humps on the easiest step
  11. Standard and advanced scheme of your proposal – for whom what?
  12. Invents a time machine , or where the objections are
  13. Coaching boxing , or «side step» as an optimal work with objections
  14. Why do 80 % of sellers conversation with the client ends in nothing
  15. Develop an ear for music – learn to hear the signals of customer’s buying
  16. Evaluate your real abilities – classical and advanced techniques for finishing the meeting
  17. Tricks as a farewell to the big sale
  18. And many – many practical games for learning material


We guarantee that it will be interesting, energetic and useful!

Dates: April 19
Time: from 10.00 to 19.00
Participation fee: 7000 rubles. The price includes:

    1. Coffee
    2. Two coffee breaks (coffee, tea, water, juice, pastries)
    3. Mineral water during the program
    4. Stationery: badge, pen and notebook branded
    5. Author numbered certificate of attendance program

Venue: Novotel
Ul Novoslobodskaia 23 (m Mendeleevskaya)

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