Training Effective sales from “A” to “Z”

Practical Training School has recently organized an open sales training, the base of which has become the program specially made for large international companies. This time the audience included representatives of different professions and businesses, the meeting took place in the hotel “Novotel”. Sales managers, who promote direct sales, financial consultants, businessmen concerned with increase in productivity of their sales departments have met there.

Training participants  has got a chance to open new horizons in classical stages of sales and learn new techniques of sales which Sergey Ozerov, the instructor, has skillfully presented.

As it always happens, the attention was drawn to role play, where all the members could consolidate the knowledge by practice under the supervision of the coach.

According to the special technique role playing games help to become more confident in front of public, what is really important for working with a client.

Inasmuch as everything happens under the control of the coach, it’s possible to correct all the actions and explain every mistake of the participants during the training.

The answers on questions have become the second part of the training, where the coach has given examples from his own working experience in sales, which has already has 20 years history, Sergey has answered on every question with explanations. By the way, practices remain the distinctive feature of our school in virtue of rich experience of working in different business spheres, where they have gone through the ranks from the representative of the company to the top manager.

The training was on great interest, and it’s planned to organize special two-day marathon of sales and negotiations in June, so stay tuned for our school and don’t forget to like us on Facebook to keep in touch all the time and to get some new information!

As a tradition there’s a photo report from the event:

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