Training “Effective Management” in VTB 24


In June, in an amazing hotel Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre in Sochi, a grand training for managers of VTB 24 « “Effective management and motivation of the result.”» More than a hundred participants from different cities of Russia from east to west!
From Practical Training School training was conducted by Sergey Ozerov. Sergey has extensive experience of such events on the large audience of six hundred men.

Differences from the head of the leader, the head of a virtuous cycle, common myths management theories, the creation of an effective team, the motivation of employees, regular monitoring of results – this is not a complete list of the issues discussed during the training.

But the main theme, of course, was devoted to long-term goal setting and growth results. Effectiveness of sales of each city, each employee, and the creation of preconditions for the transition to a qualitatively new level.

The training has been passed very lively and interesting. A lot of daily activities of participants have been reviewed, then the participants has been given the recommendations for improving efficiency. The main advantage of the school Practical Training School – a wealth of practical experience, and here it came in handy as ever.

Special videos, prepared for the training, aroused particular interest among the participants. Some of the videos emphasized the importance of the moment, which Sergei Ozerov discussed with the participants, such as the ability to see the whole picture. Another part was dedicated to motivating and energizing and positive attitude. And, both are very important for the manager, if he wants to achieve excellent results in their team.

Interactivity of has made the training more vivacious. The volunteers have been constantly summoned at the scene for taking part in various exercises and example demonstrated success principles of effective manager.

The leadership of VTB 24, attending the training, and the participants appreciated the quality of the training and expressed confidence in the continuation of such cooperation. Practical Training School, in turn, praised the professionalism and motivation of participants. The traditional photo report, how it happend you can see how it happened:












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