Sales techniques and personality growth training at Heinz

The 3 days long sales techniques and personality growth training for the Heinz employees accomplished at Saint-Petersburg. All Russian regions representatives gathered at the Northern Capital of the country. The training was very productive despite the large number of attendees.

The “MixSkills” teaching technique developed at our school was applied at the training. Every customer first of all values effectiveness and resulting performance as any training’s results.  This is why blocks from other trainings are included in the training’s agenda if it is needed. Wider skills are formed as a result of this approach implementation and participants become trained to demonstrate higher efficiency. Please read more details on the Program’s page about the “MixSkills” teaching technique.

This time excellent skills were not the only results of the training. The ‘negotiations’ block successfully was added to the sales part of the training and personality growth topics helped to modify participants’ attitude towards meeting the defined by their employer targets. Another relevant topic of personal targets reaching and financial literacy skills was added to the training.

Here are some of the participants feedbacks:

–          Thank you very much for the unforgettable training session! We appreciate the sophisticated percentage rate calculation file that you have presented!

–          Thanks again for the great training. I would like to try the new skills as soon as possible!

–          I would like to become a dollar millionaire!

Last but not least we would like to thank the Heinz company for the greatly gathered participants team. We look forward to see the next trainings. Here is the traditional photo report:


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