Training Announcement “Your Key to Success”


How old are you? 25? 35? And you, like many others, think that is going to come? That all dreams come true and all goals are achieved? But what if I say “you are wrong”? Auspicious moment in itself did not come … Because you have lived almost 1/3 of your life. Count yourself. Now, take a sheet of paper and make a list of everything about your dreams. Let there be 10, 20, 50 points – do not hesitate. This is your life and your right.

Yes … the whole baggage of unrealized dreams … And when you are going to implement them? You think all of a sudden change, and “it” itself will appear…? Why didn’t it appear before? Why instead you are more and more drawn into a monotonous routine?

Want to break out of this routine and re-start your life over 8 hours? On the 8 of November in 8 hours Sergey Ozerov will revolutionize your thinking and your view of the world. Personal pupil coaching success №1 Jack Canfield (co-author of the film “The Secret”) will give you a set of practical keys to success – after that you will openthe door to your happiness, love, career and well-being in your life. With this help you will finally make a reality of all your old desires. 10-20-50 – all your items.

The rules apply if you act according to the rules. You are guaranteed to be able to achieve the fulfillment of all your desires, if you know and apply the basic principles of mastering success. But first, answer the question: Is it really important for you to be happy and successful? And if you answered “YES”, then your time has come.

√How to achieve your goals?
√How to motivate yourself and overcome laziness?
√How to learn to manage your life?
√How to increase personal effectiveness?
√How to make all your dreams come true?

The training will not include loud promises of instant success and personal happiness. But just in one day you will change your thinking, your attitude towards your life and the events that occur in it. And, having studied and began to use the keys to success, you can achieve very different, anticipated results in your life. And as a result, move to a qualitatively new level, where all your dreams come true.

After passing the training, you will receive:

√Understanding of what has been hindering your success
√New attitude to what is happening in your life events
√Confidence in yourself and in your abilities
√Powerful Secrets – universal key to your happiness
√Awakening the hidden potential in you
√The new long-awaited results in all fields
√Enjoying a qualitatively new life

We invite you to become a participant! It is going to be traditionally интересно, interesting, dynamic and useful!

Date and venue of the training: November 8, 2014, Moscow, Novotel, m. Mendeleevskaya
Details and registration for the training here.

See you at the open training “Your keys to success!”

Become a participant!

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