Announcement of the training “How to easily win complex negotiations”


Friends! We are pleased to invite you to the next training “How to easily win the difficult negotiations”, which will be held on November 23 in Moscow. Friends! Training is filled with lots of special techniques and the chips that help in aggressive and tough negotiations. If you want to learn how to resist manipulation, if you want to get the maximum benefit from the negotiations – register for training! These eight hours will give you a huge amount of compressed practical knowledge and skills in tough negotiations! We guarantee that it will be traditionally energetically, useful and fun!

Training objectives:

√To teach participants to maximize the positive outcome of the negotiations

√To structure effective tactics depending on the complexity of the situation

√Diagnose manipulation interlocutors and cope

√Diagnose manipulation interlocutors and cope

√Resist blackmail during negotiations

√To unlock the potential of each participant and to form the competence to increase personal effectiveness and improvement of key indicators of trainees

Topics of the program:

  •     What is the difference between sales and negotiations?
  •     «WIN – win» or «win – WIN»? Myths and Reality
  •    What sharks teeth should be sharpened in business?
  •    Temptations of Powerpoint
  •     BATNA, cut off price and the zone of potential agreement
  •     The effect of “anchor” – a source of influence on the negotiation process
  •     The zone of uncertainty cutoff price
  •     How and when should be the first sentence
  •     The rules of concessions
  •     The rule of the stockbroker
  •    The strength of the right questions
  •     The rule of three seconds
  •     Expansion of the list of discussed issues
  •     Asymmetry of negotiations
  •     Bayer – Monsters, Inc.?
  •     Aggressive negotiations. Blackmail – reality or a bluff?
  •     Hardness in the negotiations – Special Tactics
  •     And many – many practical cases for learning material

As a result of this program you get able::

1. To negotiate on price and other parameters of bargaining
2. Keep calm and confident under pressure
3. Structured package deals with several parameters
4. Finding an opportunity to create value of your offer
5. Manage the business relationship

Coach – Sergey Ozerov.

We are waiting for you on our training!


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