Training “Advanced sales skills” in Groupon


Powerful intensive training «Advanced sales skills» ” has been recently passed in Moscow in the company Groupon. As powerful as a filling and energy, and on an impressive list of participants – more than sixty people.

Traditionally, with extensive experience working with large groups, Sergey Ozerov conducted the training. This is not the first time when the company received requests for training for an extended amount, and all partners are always pleased with the same quality and drive. Such training not only provide knowledge, they are also excellent charge for further fulfillment of the tasks to employees.

Developed by “Practical Training School” sales training is great as Sales – novice and experienced salespeople. First through training have the opportunity to build initially correct understanding of the sales process. Experienced salespeople are always interested to see get a fresh view on some new reading techniques known to them and specific practical techniques from practitioners – professionals.

Special chip of this training is the role you play in the aquarium. Drills with so many colleagues strongly mobilized to achieve the result, and friendly atmosphere allows not afraid to make mistakes. And the more mistakes versed in the training – the more likely to work properly with these clients “in the fields”.

Training passed at a strong positive wave. A huge amount of humor during execution of tasks coach, funny videos with examples of sales – everything helped in easy-to-digest understand some advanced techniques proposed for the study participants. The traditional question and answer session helped dismantle many specific examples of the present daily practice to improve the effectiveness of meetings in partners.

In turn, the company Groupon also put a lot of effort to create a good mood all present at the training. This was expressed in a specially prepared in honor of meeting colleagues from different regions of Russia T-shirts with the company logo, and the participation of many of the management team in training on an equal basis with other participants. Thus, they showed a clear example of the principle of “Sharpen the saw” in action, and did not hesitate to take an active part in role-playing games.

The quality of the training was highly appreciated by the students themselves as well as the company’s management. Practical Training School, in turn, praised the work of the company to establish a corporate spirit and culture. The attached photo report you can feel that spirit that prevailed during the training:


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